Gressenhall Trip

First we went in the dungeon and all you would eat is bread and water. Then we went on a treasure hunt. First we found a handkerchief and next we found a coin. After that we found 4 more treasure chests. After we had our lunch I had a school packed lunch. Finally we went to the school. If you were bad you would get a cane on your hand. After we went to the shop and next to the shop was the post office.


I saw a brown horse and a baby horse too and we did go on a tractor and we did see some sheep. Next we played in the park and we had fun. We went on a treasure hunt and we saw a dog and a baby cow. We saw a shop and a post office and a caravan. We saw some uncomfortable beds and in one of the boxes inside we found a horse and we saw lots of toys.


Fleggburgh Primary School
Main Road, Fleggburgh, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR29 3AG

Executive Headteacher - Mrs Julie Church
Head of School - Mrs Ingrid Rounce

Contact Jenny Pratt or Tina Cogdell in the school office
Telephone: 01493 369283