Our Amazing Day at Gressenhall

Fleggburgh Primary School went to the amazingly, giant Gressenhall that took an hour to go to. We went there to learn about Stone Age life and what it’s about. We went there on Tuesday 18th September 2018 when it was really hot and sunny. We went to learn about Neolithic Man and what they done in the stone-age time.

When we arrived, we went to the old, big and amazing chapel. Simon introduced us to Gressenhall and the members of the lovely and kind staff. We were the Golden Eagle Tribe. Every school had a tribe. I was feeling a tiny bit nervous and excited to be there.

Firstly, we went hunting and gathering and we looked at artefacts that they made in the Neolithic time and we had to think; what were they made of and what they were used for. Then Mrs Rounce pretended to be a wild deer that we had to sneak up on to catch. After that, we done gathering to make a shelter out of animal leather, string and sticks. Our shelter turned out well and it was easy to put down. After that we went upstairs to look at artefacts; we had to find artefacts in 7 minutes. Me and Edward worked as a team after the artefacts treasure hunt Edward said, “Good job Harvey!” “Thank you too.” I replied.

Then we went back to the woods to throw spears at boars and I hit the boar in the heart. I think I would have been a good stone-age person.

The final activity was farming; we used a Ripard Plough, it had 4 cows and a farmer. Then there were hoe’s that you had to dig out the stinging nettles. Then there was a quern stone that ground seeds into flour. That was the best ever and I wanted to stay there.


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