Diamond Class – Great Egg Race

On Wednesday 11th March I went to The Great Egg Race. We made a glider for a competition, who could their glider to fly the furthest. I enjoyed it because we worked as a team and Archie threw our glider the second furthest out of all the children.


We went to The Great Egg Race. We had to make a glider. We had to make a small glider first. I liked doing it because you had to make a glider and ours flew very well.


Today we went to The Great Egg Race. Kaleigh, James, Archie and I were there with 5 other schools. We had to build a glider. The green plane is a practise and the yellow plane is the final result.


We went to The Great Egg Race today. We made a glider. I threw the glider smoothly and it came second.


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