Executive Headteacher’s Weekly Letter

10th July 2020

Dear All,

There are seven school days left before the end of the summer term. If you are attending school at the moment, I am sure your teachers will have some fun activities planned. If you are at home, you can plan some end of term fun with your parents.

We will all be back at school in September which is great news. But before September comes, there is plenty of time for some well-earned relaxation.

In between relaxing, keep your brain thinking and learning. Remember your brain changes and gets stronger the more you use it!

So, keep reading with your family, learn a new word every day, practise your timetables and learn new skills.

Here are some amazing words to use in conversation: serendipity, stealthy, aurora, petrichor. Find out what they mean and use them when you can.

If that doesn’t exercise your brain, take a look at these optical illusions! What do you see?

20 Optical illusions - Gallery
How many legs does this elephant have? The latest optical illusion ...
Optical illusion reveals secrets about your personality - NZ Herald
Researchers May Have Found World's Oldest Optical Illusion

If you enjoy the way these confuse your brain, you might like the works of an artist called Escher who once said: ‘He who wonders discovers that this in itself is wonder.’ That takes some thinking about too! Here is one of his works called, ‘Night and Day’. The more you look at his art, the more confusing it becomes.

Day and night (1938) - Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898 - 197… | Flickr

Here is a lovely animation inspired by the picture. Take a look.

Now your brain will need a rest!

Take care!

Mrs Church

Executive Headteacher’s Weekly Letter

Hello Everyone!

We have two and a bit weeks until the end of the term. Then it will be the summer holidays, yay! If I haven’t seen you at school, I do hope you and your family are well and that you are continuing with your home learning.

I came across something the other day which I thought you might watch. When I was little there was a character on TV called Basil Brush. There is a picture of him above. I used to think he was pretty silly but he did make me laugh!

I noticed that Basil has made a video of himself telling a story called ‘Sadsville’. A sad title but a story with a happy ending! It is quite long so you could maybe watch five minutes a day. See what you think. His voice can be a little irritating but he is cute and quite amusing!

You may have heard that we will all be back to school in September which is really exciting. We will make sure you get plenty of time to get used to being back at school so please don’t worry.

Take care of yourselves and each other,

Boom! Boom!

Mrs Church

Executive Headteacher’s Weekly Letter

Dear All,

The sun is certainly shining on us. It is going to be a week for sun hats and sun cream and hopefully paddling pools and fresh air.

You will still need to keep up with your home learning so keeping looking at the activities your teachers are setting you. If you are in a good routine, keep going. If you need a new routine, you could try this one:

If you need your teacher’s help with any aspect of your home learning, your parents will know how to contact them. We are all here to help you even though we can’t be with you.

Mrs Collins, at Salhouse, has shared the wonderful resource below. Coronavirus has been a global pandemic. People all around the world have needed to take the same or similar steps as we have, to keep their families healthy and safe.

Finding out about the lives of people in and from different parts of the world is fascinating. I think you might like dipping into this virtual library. Take a look.


Have a great week,

Mrs Church

Executive Headteacher’s Weekly Letter

15th June 2020

Dear Everyone,

I hope you continue to be happy and safe. It has been lovely to welcome some of you back to school. We are sad that we cannot have you all back to school but we know we need to be sensible and follow the advice the government are giving us.

Thank you to those who joined the ZOOM last week. It was a bit too crazy and I am sure you couldn’t hear me but at least it was good to see so many familiar faces. More than 90 of you joined in, thank you!  Next time I will need to mute you all but ‘crazy’ is okay once in a while! I know your teachers are planning some smaller ZOOM meetings which will work so much better.

Those of you who have been in school will know what it is like and how it has changed. Those of you who haven’t might like to watch the video below which gives you an idea of some of the changes.

Enjoy the sunshine and get lots of fresh air if you can. You all deserve a medal for the way you have coped with the changes to your usual routines.

I never stop thinking of you all.

Keep smiling,
Mrs Church

Executive Headteacher’s Weekly Letter

Dear all the fantastically talented pupils at Neatishead, Salhouse and Fleggburgh,

First I must apologise for not writing to you for a while. The prime minister, Mr Johnson, has been keeping me very busy, giving me lots of jobs to do!

How are you all?  It is half term this week so I do hope you are taking a rest from your home schooling routines. We have had some brilliant photographs and video clips of you hard at work. Science and PE look like favourite activities.

Science and Design Technology  challenge alert!

 How many uses can you come up with for using aluminum baking foil? I advised my daughter’s boyfriend to wrap his foot in some the other day! Can you guess why?

and why not have a PE challenge too…

Throw a ball in the air, lie down and get up in time to catch it!

I have been playing a lot of table tennis in the garden. We have a very wonky table tennis table which we have had for twenty years or more. You can never quite be sure which way the ball will bounce. I have played my son and it is about 200 games to him and 2 to me at the moment but I am getting better. Trouble is, he is too!  What core value am I showing?

I continue to be a star at scrabble (even though I say it myself). But there has been some cheating to contend with from family members like hiding the letter ‘Q’ the other day. What core value are they not showing?

I have been keeping in touch with all the teachers and staff on Zoom or similar. I will be seeing some of them at school this week although we will be social distancing to keep everyone safe. They always talk about you all and are clearly missing you.

I keep promising myself that next time I contact you I will do so in a video. I must organise myself. You will see how wild and weird my hair has become. I would even let one of you cut it if you were allowed to ….. or thinking about it, maybe not!

Continue to keep yourselves safe, healthy and happy.

Mrs Church

Executive Headteacher’s Weekly Letter

Hello Everyone! 

I do hope you have had a good week and you continue to get a happy mix of school work and your favourite activities. I wanted to share something I thought many of you might enjoy.

Mrs Ferrier who is a classroom assistant at Neatishead has made a couple of art lesson videos.  Take a look and maybe you will be inspired to create a piece of art. 

Send in photos of any of your art work, it would be great to see them.

Have a lovely week,
Keep safe!
Mrs Church

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