Emerald Class daily learning tasks w/b 23.3.20

  In addition to the English and maths activities we have already sent home, these activities will support your children in the wider curriculum. This week in maths focus on any pages to do with capacity – measuring volumes, converting ml to l etc. Also adding and subtracting volumes.
Monday Science
We are looking at forces. Watch this video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVlf-HwdyTU and try to make a balloon rocket at home if you have the right equipment. Questions to ask you child could include: What is the role of the straw? Which forces were involved. The balloon shrinks – why is this? The balloon flies in different directions – why is this? Can you feel the air escaping – which direction is the air travelling in? You might also like to investigate: How to make the balloon travel around a corner. The distance travelled on a single puff. Varying the angle of the string.
Tuesday Forest school
Go outside for an hour or so and look under stones, logs, leaf litter etc and see what creatures you can find. If you have a magnifier take that with you. How do they move – take some time just to watch them? Do they have legs, a head, distinct body? How many legs do they have? If you catch them to take a closer look please return them to where you found them and wash your hands when you get back inside. If you decide to take your child to a wood or park remember to follow social distancing guidelines. Choose one of the creatures you saw today or any day in forest school and research them on the internet. Write down some key facts such as what they eat, where they live, what their children look like – the same as the parent or different? Maybe draw it and label its body parts. Also look up centipedes and millipedes to see which one we found last week!
Wednesday History
Find out when the Second World War began and ended. Can you make a timeline of key events of the war?
Thursday Easter Sunday
Read the story where Jesus comes back to life again http://www.dltk-bible.com/cv/jesus_is_alive_cv.htm Imagine you are one of the disciples; How would you feel when… … Jesus was put on the cross? … the tomb was opened and Jesus’s body had gone? … Jesus came back to life?
Friday PE Skittles – Set up skittles or cans or anything that can be knocked down. Roll a ball towards the skittles to try to knock them over  

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