The school is currently closed as there is no current demand for emergency childcare. If you are a critical worker and your situation changes over the Easter holidays please contact and we will seek to support you.

If you are a critical worker or parents or carers of vulnerable children and you need emergency childcare after Easter, please contact the school office using the office@ email. Wishing you all a safe and healthy Easter.

Headteacher’s Weekly Letter

27th May 2020

Dear all the fantastically talented pupils at Neatishead, Salhouse and Fleggburgh,

First I must apologise for not writing to you for a while. The prime minister, Mr Johnson, has been keeping me very busy, giving me lots of jobs to do!

How are you all?  It is half term this week so I do hope you are taking a rest from your home schooling routines. We have had some brilliant photographs and video clips of you hard at work. Science and PE look like favourite activities.

Science and Design Technology  challenge alert!

 How many uses can you come up with for using aluminum baking foil? I advised my daughter’s boyfriend to wrap his foot in some the other day! Can you guess why?

and why not have a PE challenge too…

Throw a ball in the air, lie down and get up in time to catch it!

I have been playing a lot of table tennis in the garden. We have a very wonky table tennis table which we have had for twenty years or more. You can never quite be sure which way the ball will bounce. I have played my son and it is about 200 games to him and 2 to me at the moment but I am getting better. Trouble is, he is too!  What core value am I showing?

I continue to be a star at scrabble (even though I say it myself). But there has been some cheating to contend with from family members like hiding the letter ‘Q’ the other day. What core value are they not showing?

I have been keeping in touch with all the teachers and staff on Zoom or similar. I will be seeing some of them at school this week although we will be social distancing to keep everyone safe. They always talk about you all and are clearly missing you.

I keep promising myself that next time I contact you I will do so in a video. I must organise myself. You will see how wild and weird my hair has become. I would even let one of you cut it if you were allowed to ….. or thinking about it, maybe not!

Continue to keep yourselves safe, healthy and happy.

Mrs Church

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“Soar on wings”

“They will soar on wings like eagles;
They will run and not grow weary,
They will walk and not be faint”
Isaiah 40:31

Fleggburgh CofE Primary School is in partnership with the Neatishead and Salhouse Federation. The school is situated in a beautiful rural area close to the sea and the Broads. With a Forest School Nursery, Little Explorers, on site children can enjoy learning at the school from age two to eleven.

We aim for our school to be a happy and safe community where everyone shares a love of learning. Our Christian core values of respect, responsibility, courage, trust, perseverance and compassion are at the heart of all we say and do.

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Fleggburgh CofE Primary School is in partnership with the Neatishead and Salhouse Federation which includes Neatishead CofE Primary School & Salhouse CofE Primary School

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