The Year 3 and 4 have been learning about mass (the weight of objects). Today we were looking at the difference between grams and kilograms. First we handle the different weights and discussed which unit of mass different objects would be weighed in and why. Then, with the help of some scales, we worked out the missing weights to make 1kg.

Sapphire Class – 3D Shapes

In Sapphire Class, we have been learning about 3D shapes. We built a range of 3D shapes using Polydron, including hexahedrons, dodecahedrons and octahedrons! We talked about how many faces, vertices and edges the shapes have.

Crows Maths

As part of transition and learning about N.C. Wyeth’s ‘Crows in Winter’, we learned in Maths about the history of a tangram. We then used a tangram puzzle to create our own birds. Can you recognise any birds in what we created?

Fraction Games

Year Three and Four have been consolidating what they have learned about fractions this week by playing different games. The games ranged from Fraction Bingo where they matched written fractions with diagrams to Fraction Splash where they recognised and named equivalent fractions. They also played Snakes and Ladders by subtracting two mixed number fractions. We worked hard and had great fun too!

Emerald Class Maths

As mathematicians year 2 have been working on capacity and investigating measuring different quantities.

Centimeters and Millimeters

Year 3 and 4 learned how to measure using centimeters and millimeters. They enjoyed practising the skill by measuring items inside and outside. 


As mathematicians we are learning to estimate, measure and compare weights. Some children measured objects using cubes and some children measured weight in grams.


Emerald Class 2D and 3D Shapes

Emerald Class have been mathematicians learning about 2D and 3D shapes, they have learnt about faces, edges and vertices.

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