Diamond Class Geography

We compared the UK to a non-European country, in this case, the Caribbean. Pupils compared fruits that grow there, beaches, weather and animals. We considered if we would like to visit the Caribbean or maybe even live there one day.

We used an atlas to find the names of the countries and main cities of the UK. Some pupils took on the additional challenge of using compass directions to navigate from one city to another.

Diamond Class Science

In the autumn term we learned about reversible and irreversible changes. We discovered iron rusts and considered ways to protect an iron nail. We enjoyed the practical aspects of this topic and liked experimenting with different substances, predicting what might happen and then observing the results carefully.

Our second autumn science topic was space. We learned about the planets in our solar system and chose planets to research. We learned about the phases of the moon and why we see the moon differently over the course of a month. 

Our spring science topic is about humans and other animals. We looked at how to keep healthy and learned how to read nutrition labels on food packaging. We looked at the school lunch menu to check if the meals are balanced and designed a healthy menu for Mrs Yassin.


In the autumn term, our science topic was all about habitats and environments. 

Our second autumn topic was about materials. We learned about common materials and explored what things around our school are made of. We also found out which are natural or manufactured and explored the properties of different materials, suggesting why objects are made of certain materials.

Our spring science topic is about our bodies. We are learning about our senses and discovered how our eyes work. 

Rusting Experiment

This term our science topic is ‘Changes of Materials’. We have investigated how iron rusts when exposed to water. Each group investigated a different idea. Some looked at ways to protect the iron nail using Vaseline, Sellotape or paint. Other groups tried putting their iron nails in different solutions.

Healthy Science

As scientists, we have been learning about ho to keep ourselves healthy. We learnt that we need a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise to stay healthy. Germs can make us ill so we designed posters to help remind us to practice good hygiene.

Oral Health Educator

Chloe, the oral health educator from Plummers, visited to teach us about the equipment dentists wear and use. We learned why teeth are important, and their names and functions. We also thought about how to keep our teeth healthy by brushing them, by eating healthy and by visiting the dentist.

Emerald Class Dentist Visit

We had a visit from the ‘Dental Nurse’. We have been learning how to keep our teeth and gums healthy. We looked at what foods and drinks were good and bad for our teeth. We also were shown how to brush our teeth properly and for how long.


What a wonderful time Year 5 and 6 had on residential to How Hill. They learned how to dissect an owl pellet and what owls eat, and how to analyse the quality of the water in the broads. They learned what animal life there is on the broads and at How Hill from a boat trip, from dyke dipping and from setting animal camera traps. They also learned how to read a compass and completed some complicated orienteering courses. The pupils were amazing and we hope to return to How Hill to learn more about our broads in the summer.

Emerald Science

As scientists, we have been learning about how our ears work, knowing our ears help us with direction and understanding that sound is made up of vibrations.

We worked scientifically performing a test on musical instruments and recording data to help answer questions.

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