Forest School/Outdoor learning

We have been learning about poetry in English. During our forest school session we used natural objects found in the garden as inspiration for a poem. Everyone chose their favourite object and contributed to our shared poems. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Reception children wrote,
In our garden
I found a beautiful leaf.
I have a chippy stick.
I have found a cold stick.
I have found a soft stick.
I have found a crunchy leaf, a rough stick and a bumpy stick.
I have found a really bumpy stick and some really really soft grass.

Eryn, Valentine and Ava-May wrote,
In the garden I see
Beautiful catkins hanging from the tree.
I hear lush blue-tits singing sweet songs.
Clear fresh air.
I can feel the wind in my hair.
The dark brown hazel.

Dorothy and Ethan wrote,
In the garden I see
Brown hard bark.
I can hear birds tweeting in their nests.
I can smell damp green grass.
I can feel wind in my hair.
I can feel crunchy leaves.

Year 1 group 1 wrote,
In my garden
I like the feel of the long green grass.
I like how the acorn is soft inside and crunchy outside.
I like how the stick is bendy and so soft and I like my stick because it sparkles in the sun.
I like my pine one because it feels bumpy.
I like looking at my stone because it has pretty patterns on it and it’s smooth.
I like the blossom because it is pretty and smells nice.

Year 1 group 2 wrote,
In my garden
I like my smooth stick.
I like listening to crunchy leaves.
I like the fluffy green leaf.
I like my pine one it looks brown and feels spikey.
I like the rocks it looks lumpy and feels hard.

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