Forest School/Outdoor learning

We have been learning about poetry in English. During our forest school session we used natural objects found in the garden as inspiration for a poem. Everyone chose their favourite object and contributed to our shared poems. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Reception children wrote,
In our garden
I found a beautiful leaf.
I have a chippy stick.
I have found a cold stick.
I have found a soft stick.
I have found a crunchy leaf, a rough stick and a bumpy stick.
I have found a really bumpy stick and some really really soft grass.

Eryn, Valentine and Ava-May wrote,
In the garden I see
Beautiful catkins hanging from the tree.
I hear lush blue-tits singing sweet songs.
Clear fresh air.
I can feel the wind in my hair.
The dark brown hazel.

Dorothy and Ethan wrote,
In the garden I see
Brown hard bark.
I can hear birds tweeting in their nests.
I can smell damp green grass.
I can feel wind in my hair.
I can feel crunchy leaves.

Year 1 group 1 wrote,
In my garden
I like the feel of the long green grass.
I like how the acorn is soft inside and crunchy outside.
I like how the stick is bendy and so soft and I like my stick because it sparkles in the sun.
I like my pine one because it feels bumpy.
I like looking at my stone because it has pretty patterns on it and it’s smooth.
I like the blossom because it is pretty and smells nice.

Year 1 group 2 wrote,
In my garden
I like my smooth stick.
I like listening to crunchy leaves.
I like the fluffy green leaf.
I like my pine one it looks brown and feels spikey.
I like the rocks it looks lumpy and feels hard.

Emerald Class Forest Schools

In Forest School, we have been learning about how to keep safe around the fire. We enjoyed roasted marshmallows and warm berry juice while listening to stories. We learnt that before there were books some stories would have been told and past down around the fire.

Spring Poems

In outdoor learning the children have made spring poems based on their surroundings at school and performed the poem to their class members.

Farm in a Box

In this lesson we looked for signs of life from different animals. We found eaten leaves, birds egg shells and rabbit holes. 

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