Executive Headteacher’s Weekly Letter

10th July 2020

Dear All,

There are seven school days left before the end of the summer term. If you are attending school at the moment, I am sure your teachers will have some fun activities planned. If you are at home, you can plan some end of term fun with your parents.

We will all be back at school in September which is great news. But before September comes, there is plenty of time for some well-earned relaxation.

In between relaxing, keep your brain thinking and learning. Remember your brain changes and gets stronger the more you use it!

So, keep reading with your family, learn a new word every day, practise your timetables and learn new skills.

Here are some amazing words to use in conversation: serendipity, stealthy, aurora, petrichor. Find out what they mean and use them when you can.

If that doesn’t exercise your brain, take a look at these optical illusions! What do you see?

20 Optical illusions - Gallery
How many legs does this elephant have? The latest optical illusion ...
Optical illusion reveals secrets about your personality - NZ Herald
Researchers May Have Found World's Oldest Optical Illusion

If you enjoy the way these confuse your brain, you might like the works of an artist called Escher who once said: ‘He who wonders discovers that this in itself is wonder.’ That takes some thinking about too! Here is one of his works called, ‘Night and Day’. The more you look at his art, the more confusing it becomes.

Day and night (1938) - Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898 - 197… | Flickr

Here is a lovely animation inspired by the picture. Take a look.

Now your brain will need a rest!

Take care!

Mrs Church

Fleggburgh Primary School
Main Road, Fleggburgh, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR29 3AG

Executive Headteacher - Mrs Julie Church
Head of School - Mrs Ingrid Rounce
SENCo - Mrs C Laband

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