A Visit to Acle Tennis Club

On Wednesday 10th July, we went to Acle Tennis Club. We played lots of different games. My favourite one was Dodge Ball because it teaches you how to move your feet. We learned a new game ‘Champions’, we played with a partner and if you didn’t return the ball you were out.

Ti Uru

We tried a new game called Ti Uru. When we first started playing weren’t very good but we got better. You can only catch the ball with one hand and you had to be standing on a marker and catch the ball to get a point.

I enjoyed playing Ti Uru because we could use the skills that we had learned in different games. This game is a traditional Maori ball game. The aim of the game is to catch a ball, using only one open hand.

UEA Athletics

At the UEA we took part in every activity. It was a different person who was the best at that activity. 14 people went in Diamond Class and 6 people in Emerald Class. We got 6 medals altogether. These were some of the activities standing long jump, hurdles and discus. We went all day.


Y6 Book Festival

Books can give you inspirations for your future! Reading is an exercise for your brain. It is also as if you are going to the gym. Reading makes your mind bloom!


Coastguard Visit

I got to try on a life jacket.

We got to have a go in the coastguard truck.

Cake Sale

Today we hosted a cake sale to raise money for Charlie Stephenson, a nine year old boy who has a rare brain tumour and needs £125,000 for an operation. We sold the cakes at 50p each and managed to raise fifty-five pounds. We would like to say a big thank you to everybody who both bought and donated the cakes.

School Council

KS2 Football

Year 5 and 6 went to a football match. We played against other teams in the cluster. We scored 1 goal in total and I learnt that tacking part is better than winning.

At football on Monday 20th May a group of Year 5/6 went to a football tournament at Lingwood. I learned that your team mates can pass to you so you can score a goal for your team.

KS2 Street Dance

On Tuesday we did street dancing with a lady called Beth. She taught us some dances like the Hacker, the Floss, the Six Step and the Hype.

I learned how to do street dance moves. One of the moves they use in the New Zealand war dance.

Mother’s Day Service

Diamond Class made mother’s day prayers for Mother’s Day. We got put into pairs. I was with Taylor. I learned how to put how I felt about my Mum into a prayer.

I learnt that you could communicate with our mother’s by computer and a piece of paper. You can thank your Mum for what she does which is a lot for you. It was about our Mum’s and how they treat you.

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