Emerald Class RE

We have been looking at the Christian story of creation. We learned that Christians believe that God made the world in seven days. 

We learned about the Hindu story of creation and then compared it to the Christian story. 

We enjoyed the Harvest Festival at Fleggburgh Church. We enjoyed learning a new song with Rev. Phil and made breads which we then shared with our families back at school after the church service.

We enjoyed the Harvest Festival at Fleggburgh Church. We enjoyed learning a new song with Rev. Phil and made breads which we then shared with our families back at school after the church service. 

Emerald class listened to the nativity story. We were able to link the story of the first Christmas to our school play and our reception children enjoyed acting out the story in the Christingle service at church. 

We made Christingles for our Christingle service at Fleggburgh church. We learned about what all the different parts symbolize.

This term we are learning about places of worship. We took time to reflect on our own ‘special places’ and what things we like to do there.

This week we learned about the Jewish place of worship and discovered that it is called a synagogue.

In our ‘Circles’ collective worship, we have been discussing these questions:

Pupil voice from circles collective worship groups

When someone behaves badly, how hard do you try to forgive and forget?

  • Ignore annoying behaviour
  • Accept apologies
  • We try hard
  • Could we get house points for forgiving?
  • It can be hard to forgive and forget
  • If they continue, tell and adult
  • Say sorry, even when you haven’t meant to hurt or upset someone

How does school help you to make positive choices?

  • School makes me happy
  • Teachers help us talk things through
  • Reflection time
  • Teachers check we are happy after a conflict
  • Consequences
  • We are helped to talk to each other
  • Teachers listen
  • Help in lessons
  • Having a break from people helps sometimes

Saint Telemachus

Reverend Andrew visited to lead a collective worship. He told us about the story of Saint Telemachus and we thought about how it is sometimes difficult but always right to stand up for what we believe in.

Our Crosses

We all chose a place in school that we wanted our crosses to hang. We think they look beautiful and they remind us to think of God whenever we are in school and whatever we are doing.

Emerald Class RE

During our R.E lesson we looked at the significance of Shabbat artefacts. We drew and described the different  artefacts in our books.

Plough Monday

Monday 17th January saw the celebration of Plough Monday take place in the afternoon collective worship. Mr Tibbenham and Judy Pritchard attended from the Poor Trustees and church, and presented every child with a loaf of bread. The pupils led prayers and explained the unique tradition. We wish to thank them for our bread!

Emerald Class RE

We are learning about Judaism.Valentine said,”The Jewish creation story is the same as the Christian one”.

Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest.” People don’t even do their homework on Shabbat!”said Freddie
“People have a nice meal together “said Jack

Collective Worship – Circles

In our circle assembly, we discussed ways we could save energy in school. 

 Our ideas included:  

  • Opening the curtains and blinds to let light in
  • Turning off lights when we leave a room
  • Turning off taps
  • Wearing more layers
  • Only putting on the heating when we need it


Jamie and Sabina’s grandparents visited school to talk to Diamond Class about what it is like to be Sikh. They learned all about the Gurus and the 5Ks. We had a wonderful time learning how to write in Punjab. 

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