Emerald Class


Mrs Yassin teaches Emerald class.  Mrs Smith teaches Emerald class on Monday and Tuesday.  In the morning Mrs Smith teaches Year 2 and 3 in Sapphire Class. The support staff who work with Emerald class are Mrs Theobald, Ms Stevens and Mrs Eagle.

Home learning tasks can be found on Google classroom

Recent Activities

Travelling in Gymnastics

Year 1 and 2 have been learning to safely carry and use the gymnastic apparatus. Linking to their history topic on travelling, we have been looking at how animals travel in different ways. They have learned to travel safely at different speeds and levels, and combine contrasting actions to make short routines.


This term is computing, the Reception children have been focusing on the importance of sequencing by breaking down popular tales and rearranging them. We have learned that stories or events are better told in chronological order and algorithms help us achieve this in computing.

Emerald Class Forest Schools

In Forest School, we have been learning about how to keep safe around the fire. We enjoyed roasted marshmallows and warm berry juice while listening to stories. We learnt that before there were books some stories would have been told and past down around the fire.

Emerald Class RE

During our R.E lesson we looked at the significance of Shabbat artefacts. We drew and described the different  artefacts in our books.

Emerald Class History

In History Emerald Class have been learning about the Wright brothers and the invention of the aeroplane. We have been comparing the old model plane to a modern plane.

Reception Phonics

Reception have been doing Read Write Inc Phonics, learning sounds, words and reading books consistent with their phonic knowledge.

Emerald Class Dentist Visit

We had a visit from the ‘Dental Nurse’. We have been learning how to keep our teeth and gums healthy. We looked at what foods and drinks were good and bad for our teeth. We also were shown how to brush our teeth properly and for how long.

Emerald Class Music

Today in music Reception we’re being musicians. We listened to’ABC by The Jackson 5’ we had to decide how it made us feel and what images came to mind while listening to the music.

Ayla said “she felt relaxed and saw her mum and dad”.
Jacob said” he felt silly and thought of a holiday “.

We listened to ‘five little monkeys’ in the style of rap. We sang and danced to this.

We looked at the painting ‘The Sunflower’ by Klimt.

We painted our own flower garden in the style of Klimt. We had to decide which flowers we liked and what we would include in our own garden.

Plough Monday

Monday 17th January saw the celebration of Plough Monday take place in the afternoon collective worship. Mr Tibbenham and Judy Pritchard attended from the Poor Trustees and church, and presented every child with a loaf of bread. The pupils led prayers and explained the unique tradition. We wish to thank them for our bread!

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