Emerald Class


Mrs Yassin teaches Emerald class. In the morning Mrs Smith teaches Year 2 and 3 in Sapphire Class. The support staff who work with Emerald class are Mrs Theobald, Ms Stevens and Mrs Eagle.

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Recent Activities

Emerald Class RE

We have been looking at the Christian story of creation. We learned that Christians believe that God made the world in seven days. 

We learned about the Hindu story of creation and then compared it to the Christian story. 

We enjoyed the Harvest Festival at Fleggburgh Church. We enjoyed learning a new song with Rev. Phil and made breads which we then shared with our families back at school after the church service.

We enjoyed the Harvest Festival at Fleggburgh Church. We enjoyed learning a new song with Rev. Phil and made breads which we then shared with our families back at school after the church service. 

Emerald class listened to the nativity story. We were able to link the story of the first Christmas to our school play and our reception children enjoyed acting out the story in the Christingle service at church. 

We made Christingles for our Christingle service at Fleggburgh church. We learned about what all the different parts symbolize.

This term we are learning about places of worship. We took time to reflect on our own ‘special places’ and what things we like to do there.

This week we learned about the Jewish place of worship and discovered that it is called a synagogue.

Mrs Church’s Leaving Assembly

It was a sad day when we all said a fond farewell to Mrs Church, our executive head, as she left to enjoy her retirement. We cannot thank her enough for all she has done for the school and wish her a happy retirement.

Christingle Service

We held our traditional Christingle service at Saint Margaret’s Church Fleggburgh on the last day of term. Diamond Class retold the Christmas story with the help of the Reception children an everyone made their own Christingle.

Christmas Dinner

We all thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas dinner. Thank you to Mrs Buckingham for making our delicious lunch.

Bethlehem ‘s Buzzing

The whole school took part in our Christmas performance of Bethlehem ‘s Buzzing. Every pupil had at least one line and everyone said the acting and singing was amazing!

Making Bread

Information Technology Around Us

The Years 1 and 2 have been developing their understanding of what Information Technology (IT) is and discussing where it can be seen. They have explored the benefits of IT in the wider world and role played how devices can work together in familiar places such as shops. They also considered how to use IT safely and discussed the different rules that might be associated with using them.

Parts of a Computer

Reception have been looking at what computers are and how they can be seen all around us. To become more familiar with computers, we have created our own junk model laptops, looked at different inputs and outputs and used some simple drawing apps.

Healthy Science

As scientists, we have been learning about ho to keep ourselves healthy. We learnt that we need a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise to stay healthy. Germs can make us ill so we designed posters to help remind us to practice good hygiene.

In our ‘Circles’ collective worship, we have been discussing these questions:

Pupil voice from circles collective worship groups

When someone behaves badly, how hard do you try to forgive and forget?

  • Ignore annoying behaviour
  • Accept apologies
  • We try hard
  • Could we get house points for forgiving?
  • It can be hard to forgive and forget
  • If they continue, tell and adult
  • Say sorry, even when you haven’t meant to hurt or upset someone

How does school help you to make positive choices?

  • School makes me happy
  • Teachers help us talk things through
  • Reflection time
  • Teachers check we are happy after a conflict
  • Consequences
  • We are helped to talk to each other
  • Teachers listen
  • Help in lessons
  • Having a break from people helps sometimes

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