Emerald Class


Mrs Yassin teaches Emerald class on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Miss Swinson teaches Emerald class on Monday and Tuesday. The support staff who work with Emerald class are Mrs Theobald, Miss Stephens and Mrs Eagle.

Home learning tasks can be found on Google classroom

Recent Activities

Long Jump

The children of Emerald Class investigated and practised the five different ways of jumping. We finished up with a long jump competition with gold, silver and bronze medals for each year group.

Farm in a Box!


We made catapults to test the stretch of elastic bands. 

RE Forgiveness Box

Olympics Day

Throwing Underarm

Emerald Class have been learning to throw to a partner for distance and to hit a target using an underarm throw. The finale was an aiming competition with a gold, silver and bronze medal for the best scores in each year group.

My Favourite Things!

Years 1 and 2 have been looking at creating a simple Power Point presentation .​

Each pupil has created one slide, choosing their own slide design, colour theme, pictures and text.

Cinderella Story

Invitation to the ball in the Cinderella story

Moses and the Israelites

Today was RE all about Moses and we made our own rules

Emerald Class Outdoor Learning

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