Design and Technology

We designed and made our own Christmas cards and spinner toys. The Christmas cards were pipe cleaner trees, decorated with bead baubles and we each wrote a message to our families inside. Our spinner toys were designed so that they had parts of picture on each side and when we pulled the string, it spun to combine the two part pictures, into one complete picture. 

Our Christmas Cards

Making Christmas Cards

We designed and hand stitched our Christmas cards for our families. First, we made our designs then we punched holes in to our card where we needed to sew. The sewing was difficult but the end products we thought were beautiful!

Making Bread

Tasting Bread

Investigating Bread

Design Technology – Bread Rolls

In Design Technology, we designed and made our own bread rolls as part of our Harvest Festival celebrations.

Christmas Scones

Our Design Technology project this Term was designing and making Christmas scones. We tasted and evaluated plain scones then a range of Christmassy ingredients so that we could design our own festive ones. Having made them, we tasted our own and evaluated them against our original design criteria. They tasted amazing and looked Christmassy too!

Making Crowns

To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Diamond Class designed and made their own Jubilee crown. They learned all about the different crowns that the Queen has and made their own. We think we looked really royal!

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