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Recent Activities


9th October 2019

My hedgehog has the most spikes. Rory We can help hedgehogs by making a hole in the fence so they can get into lots of gardens to get lots of food.

Stranger’s Hall Trip

7th October 2019

We have been learning about ‘The great fire of London’. We looked at lots of objects from the 17th century and thought about what they were made of and what they would have been used … Read more

Road Safety

7th October 2019

We have been reading the book ‘The Hodgeheg’ by Dick King-Smith. It is about a hedgehog who wants to get across the road to the park. We thought about road safety near our school and … Read more

UEA Athletics

12th July 2019

At the UEA we took part in every activity. It was a different person who was the best at that activity. 14 people went in Diamond Class and 6 people in Emerald Class. We got … Read more

Coastguard Visit

26th June 2019

I got to try on a life jacket. We got to have a go in the coastguard truck.

Emerald Class Detectives

14th June 2019

Holly: We found out who ate the leg of the gingerbread man. We had to solve maths questions so we could get the clues and cross people out.  James: we had to work out maths … Read more

Fire safety learning in Emerald Class

5th June 2019

We had a visit from firefighters this week.

Cake Sale

25th May 2019

Today we hosted a cake sale to raise money for Charlie Stephenson, a nine year old boy who has a rare brain tumour and needs £125,000 for an operation. We sold the cakes at 50p … Read more

Mother’s Day Service

17th May 2019

Diamond Class made mother’s day prayers for Mother’s Day. We got put into pairs. I was with Taylor. I learned how to put how I felt about my Mum into a prayer. Kira I learnt … Read more

Easter Celebration

17th May 2019

I learned that Jesus goes on the cross at Easter. At Easter Service we all sang songs and showed the Easter floats that we made.Kayleigh At the Easter egg hunt we shared out the eggs … Read more

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