Diamond Class

The teacher in Diamond class is Mrs Rounce.  In the morning Mrs Smith teaches Year 2 and 3 in Sapphire Class. Mrs Glover and Miss Wollington support teaching and learning in Diamond class.


Home learning tasks can be found on Google classroom

Recent Activities

Christmas Cards

We learned how to use paper folding, cutting and sewing skills to design and make our Christmas Cards this year. Some of us found the sewing difficult but we persevered and we think they looked amazing!

Christmas Scones

Our Design Technology project this Term was designing and making Christmas scones. We tasted and evaluated plain scones then a range of Christmassy ingredients so that we could design our own festive ones. Having made them, we tasted our own and evaluated them against our original design criteria. They tasted amazing and looked Christmassy too!

Christingle Service

Working with partners, we all made our Christingles and then Year 6 led our Christingle service in school on the last morning of term. Rev Steven closed the service with a reflection and prayer. We celebrated the meaning of the Christingle and Emerald class wrote and read their own prayers.

Lego Education

East Norfolk Sixth Form visited school with a Lego workshop and Diamond Class learned to code through playful problem solving.


In English we are learning how to punctuate and set out speech correctly. We acted out a conversation between Tinkerbell and Wendy from our class novel ‘Peter Pan’ and then wrote up the conversation using inverted commas. We are definitely improving at writing speech.

Clay Pots

To make their clay pots, Stone age potters would first have had to gather their materials. They would have got a lump of raw solid clay which they would bash in to small flakes. Then, they would add and mix in: quartz, crushed fruit and shells, old, burned clay pots and water. When this was smooth, they would get roughly a quarter of the clay, pinch it and flatten it into a base with short edges. Next, they would roll out their clay, bit by bit, and coil it up on top of the layer underneath. After that, they would use flint scrapers to smooth the sides. Next they would use their fingers, bird bones, claws and antlers to decorate the pot. Finally, they would set them on fire to turn them in to earthenware.

To make a pinch pot we simply flattened the clay and pinched up the edges. For the coil pots, we made our base first. Then we scored diagonal slashes across the coils of clay and the base. We put a little amount of water on the layers and put the coils around the rim, lining up the scores to help them join the layers together. We continued this process until we had a pot. Then we used our tools to smooth the edges and add our decorations, just like the Stone Age people would have done.

Jamie and Maya

Reading Club

The librarians are holding a reading club every Wednesday lunchtime this term for anyone interested in reading. You can read your own book, read to a librarian or have a librarian read a book to you. Nearly the whole school signed up to book club so the librarians will be choosing groups each week so everyone has a turn. Thank you librarians!

Mind Maps inspired by Peter Pan

Year 4, 5 and 6 are studying Peer Pan by J.M. Barrie and were intrigued by Mrs Darling exploring her children’s minds. Using text, they created a representation of the own minds. They are very interesting.

Stone Age Hand Prints

As part of our study of Stone Age art we looked at hand prints that have been discovered in caves and created our own. It was fun (and messy) trying to discover the best painting technique to create them.

KS2 Dance – Water

Diamond class have been learning about the water cycle in Science so in PE we have been creating a dance based on the movement of water. Our dance motifs have been created by combing three different types of movements. We learned how to move in unison, in cannon and to act and react to another’s actions. We shared our dances with the other children in the class and would like to share them with you as well.

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