Diamond Class

The teacher in Diamond class is Mrs Rounce.  In the morning Mrs Smith teaches Year 2 and 3 in Sapphire Class. Mrs Glover and Miss Wollington support teaching and learning in Diamond class.


Home learning tasks can be found on Google classroom

Recent Activities

In our ‘Circles’ collective worship, we have been discussing these questions:

Pupil voice from circles collective worship groups

When someone behaves badly, how hard do you try to forgive and forget?

  • Ignore annoying behaviour
  • Accept apologies
  • We try hard
  • Could we get house points for forgiving?
  • It can be hard to forgive and forget
  • If they continue, tell and adult
  • Say sorry, even when you haven’t meant to hurt or upset someone

How does school help you to make positive choices?

  • School makes me happy
  • Teachers help us talk things through
  • Reflection time
  • Teachers check we are happy after a conflict
  • Consequences
  • We are helped to talk to each other
  • Teachers listen
  • Help in lessons
  • Having a break from people helps sometimes

Saint Telemachus

Reverend Andrew visited to lead a collective worship. He told us about the story of Saint Telemachus and we thought about how it is sometimes difficult but always right to stand up for what we believe in.

A great Big Thank You!

We would like to thank Mr and Mrs Thompson from Filby Post Office for their very kind donation of £500 from the proceeds of their Charity Shed for our outdoor play equipment and reflection area. This will really help us to quickly purchase all we need.

Thank you!

 Forest Schools

This week in Forest Schools we continued exploring Ancient Egypt though different activities. We learned how to use a ‘clove hitch’, which is an ancient type of knot, to make our own miniature tripod pyramids. We were given sheets of Egyptian Hieroglyphics so we could work out how to write our own names. We also had one that Stacey had created for us to decipher. We learned how to ‘whittle’ wood into points using a potato peeler. We all listened very carefully to the rules and some of us used them to write our Egyptian name in clay.

Our Crosses

We all chose a place in school that we wanted our crosses to hang. We think they look beautiful and they remind us to think of God whenever we are in school and whatever we are doing.

Poetry Festival

We are looking forward to our Poetry Festival on Monday 20th March. Diamond Class chose their own poems to perform either individually or as a group and have been learning how to perform them with expression. We look forward to seeing their performances!

Book Sale

In the afternoon of World Book Day, we had a second hand book fair. Thank you to everyone that donated books and we hope you all enjoy reading your new books!

Exploring Poetry

This half term, we will be studying poetry in English lessons ready for our poetry festival at the end of term. We all read five poems then analysed their rhyme, rhythm, language, punctuation and meaning. We also explained why the poem was our favourite, learning how to justify our answers. Which poem is you favourite and why?

World Book Day

We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters for World Book Day. We took part in different activities and enjoyed sharing stories with our circles groups.

Celebration Assembly – French

This term we learned about the French tradition of ‘la galette des rois’ (the King’s cake) on 6th January. We also made ‘fortune tellers’ and practised ‘Quelle couleur?’ and ‘quel numero?’ to try them out on each other. We then started practising for our celebration assembly, to show the work we had done on colours, numbers and parts of the body to describe our monsters we had drawn. In the assembly we also sang a song called ‘Bonjour, c’est moi’ with the body parts in and a beautiful song called ‘Enfant de Paix’ (Child of Peace).


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